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    Practical transportation for errands and short commutes.


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    Electroride has taken over sales and support of Crystalyte products from ElectricRider (visit electricrider.com).
    Electroride has recently become a provider for Google X (https://x.company/) so we are expanding our tech team.
    Glide Cycles (glidecycles.com) is our new partner for repairs and additional tech support.
    Explore our current offerings for Crystalyte and our own Enduro Geared Hubs and Glide Cruisers below.
    ElectricRider.com will add more content and launch Phoenix III systems this Spring.
    For support on original Phoenix I or II products please email electroride@gmail.com or call 415-579-1966.

        Electric bikes and E-bike kits (bikes with electric conversion kits) are part of a wide range of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) that provide convenient local transportation. Generally designed for one person and small cargo capacity, electric bike range, speed, and cost are moderate. For most of us, the majority of our trips are less than 20 miles - within the range of most e-bikes considering the latest advances in affordable lithium batteries. Clean, quiet, and efficient LEVs offer the advantages of an extra car without the burdens.
    Save money! Convert your favorite bike, trike, scooter, pedicab or quad to electric!

    To get started, CLICK on one of the tiles / links / products BELOW to learn more about ebikes and conversions.
    Next Gen Batteries
    Enduro Motors
    Clyte HS35XX Hub
    Clyte CROWN Hub
    Kinetic8 Mid Drive
    Clyte Phoenix II Hubs
    Folding E-Bikes
    Comfort Bikes
    AntiGrav EV

    Just in time for Burning Man!  

    Complete FAT ebikes, Folding Fat Ebikes,
    and All Wheel Drive (AWD) FAT Ebikes
    Shipped fully assembled

    SALE!  Starting at
    $1099 Folding, $1899 AWD

    Click here to learn more about FAT Ebikes

    24" MAX CARGO e-Bike

    Great for shopping, running errands or deliveries!
    This CARGO ebike is well-built with lots of features.
    The utility factor on this model is off the charts!


    Click here to learn more about the 24" MAX CARGO e-Bike

    A complete Day 6 electric bicycle shipped fully assembled
    with a 750W mid drive motor kit and battery system.
    Choose between a 11.6 Ah, a 14.5 Ah, and a 17.5 Ah battery. 
    Choose between Royal Blue or Champagne Colors

    SALE!  Starting at $2999

    Click here to learn more about Day6 Patriot!
    The new 2018 Crosstown is a one of a kind pavement bike that is
    perfect for practical commuting. Its an easy to use folding bike
    offering 7-speeds, 700c tires, and the CLIX™ Wheel Release System.
    It also features a new invention called the Octagon, a stem that is
    height-adjustable with just a simple click of a button.
    This allows the rider to have the handlebars at whatever height
    feels comfortable. This hybrid commuter comes in 17", 19", and 21"
    frame sizes and offers portability, and an elegant style
    for a ride that's sure to attract attention.
    Includes FREE Shipping, Carrying Case, Folding Pedals, Kickstand
    $100 off when purchased with a conversion kit such as ENDURO!

    $655 / $555 with conv. kit

    Click here to learn more about the Paratrooper Crosstown™

    Helps you to focus, relax, and sleep

    Email: electroride@gmail.com
    Phone: 415-579-1966

       Personal Rapid Transit (PRT)
    Click here for a 30-second introduction to Skyweb Express.

    Automated Transit Networks (ATN), and the small-vehicle subset of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), are emerging technologies that can help solve the related problems of congestion, dependence on foreign oil, and planetary climate disruption. ATN/PRT offers clean, quiet, responsive public transit with automated non-stop service available 24 hours a day. In addition to these service benefits, PRT costs far less to build and operate than other transit options ¯ and is safer than walking and cycling on nearby busy streets.

    Click here for a 3-minute video introduction to PRT technology. Click here for a 30-second introduction to Skyweb Express.
    A quick introduction to the technology is this excellent 3-minute video that shows how PRT could be used at the Microsoft campus. Help us move the City of Milpitas to use ATN technology in a pilot project to cross a barrier. Please contribute $20 or more to the effort at http://sunnyhillsneighborhood.org/crossing.html#help

    Proposed pilot project for Milpitas, CA. The blue lines in the image above indicate guideways and the ovals indicate station locations.

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